What is my NameServer ?

Name Servers For Limited Hosting
ns1.rrshost.com -
ns2.rrshost.com -
ns3.rrshost.com -
ns4.rrshost.com -

Default Name Server For product.rrshost.com

How To upload Files

Method 1 :
You can upload your files with Our inbuilted File Manager in Control Panel Of RRS Host

Method 2 :
You can upload your files with FTP Client server (eg: FileZilla ) you should upload your all files to the public_html or www folder

How to change CHMOD or Permission of your files

If you need to CHMOD or Permission of your files or folders:
1. Connect to the FTP or open a File Manager.
2. Select a file.
3. On menu click CHMOD.
4. Change file permissions to what you need.

How long does it take DNS propagation or Domain activation.

When you update your name server, it may take Up-to 8 hours to 72 hours for DNS Propagation.

How to change my account password ?

Your account password can be changed from the control panel at any time using the "change password" Option.

Is there any ADS or Unwanted material placed on my free website ?

No, we do not put any ADS or scripts on your website to make it look cheap. You will get solid and ADS free hosting from us.

How to register a new domain ?

ou may register a new domain name from product.rrshost.com .

Is there any ADS or Unwanted material placed on my free website?

No, we do not put any ADS or scripts on your website to make it look cheap. You will get solid and ADS free hosting from us.

How to get free subdomain ?

Free sub-domain can be selected from the drop-down menu after you activate your account with the confirmation email in cpanel.rrshost.com.

Can I change my domain ?

Unfortunately domain name can not be changed in Free Plan. The only way to change your domain name is to delete the existing account and create a new account with the correct domain name in free plan.
You can change a Domain name in our Premium Shared Hosting plan

Can I use your hosting for backups ?

No, it is strictly prohibited to use our servers for backups. If backups will be found on your account - the whole account may be terminated.
Note : you can use our VPS Server and Dedicate Server for Making a backup.

How to access webmail ?

You can access your webmail from webmail.yourdomain.com and Free plan member can access there webmail from webmail.rrshost.com

What is your MySQL host name ?

Please check the section of the control panel Advanced -> MySQL for "MySQL Host". Note : you can use localhost for Unlimited Hosting plan or The limited Hosting User can use mysql.rrshost.com as Host name

Where do I upload my files ?

All of your websites files must be uploaded inside the public_html or www folder. Please DO NOT upload it over the public_html folder because your web pages will not display.

Is it really free ? How ?

Yes, our services are absolutely FREE, no hidden fees or taxes. We offer free and almost unlimited hosting services for everyone and everywhere. How? We simply have other income resources which generates us more income than it costs to provide free website hosting services.

Can I host adult websites here ?

No, adult websites are not allowed to be hosted on the Shared Hosting Server. You can Host Adult Site with our VPS and Dedicated Server

What is your service uptime ?

We offer 99.9% service uptime for all of our users. This is even more than many paid companies can offer.

Do you have any limitations for Apach usage ?

Yes, we do have a limit of 600 hits per 5 minutes to a single website, If limit is reached we will suspend your website for 5 minutes in Free plan.
We do not have any limit in all our premium plan [It unlimited]

How many Hosting account can i create ?

You can create unlimited Hosting account with our free plan in single RRS host account.
Note: you can create 1 account in 24 hours (1 day).

We do not allow any kind applications to be hosted here in Free Plan.

Applications such as, proxy scripts, shell scripts, online gaming scripts, file/image sharing scripts, chat scripts, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, buxto, torrent scripts cannot be hosted here. Account will be suspended and you will have a permission to reactivate it. If violation will occur again, account will be closed.
Note : you have a freedom to host any CMS or script in our premium plan.